Jun 23, 2016

TH Data Capital Harnesses the Power of Big Data to Predict Chinese Market Performance for Investors

NEW YORK--()--When the giant Chinesee-commerce company Alibaba announced first-quarter gross merchandise volume(GMV) of 742 billion renminbi on May 5, it was old news to clients of TH DataCapital. Using publicly available data sources and its proprietary methods, THData Capital predicted the GMV spot-on, with 100% accuracy, long before it wasreleased. The firm generates highly-accurate predictions for many US-listedChina ADRs, with a margin of error ranging from 0% to just a few percentagepoints.

TH Data Capital formally announced today a groundbreakingnew approach to the traditional financial research model, using big dataexpertise and a deep understanding of financial markets to provide advanced—andstunningly accurate—predictions of business performance in China. TH DataCapital is the first, and only, company that offers big data analyticsexpertise coupled with an analyst-driven approach. This differs significantlyfrom IT-driven research firms that look at reams of data, but lack the skillsto interpret it correctly to make it actionable.

Reliable business intelligence on China is hard to find, butit has become tremendously significant to any consumer-oriented company thatoperates internationally. TH Data Capital’s intelligence covers all of thelarger Chinese companies that are listed on U.S. stock exchanges, as well asconsumer-facing U.S. and multinational companies doing business in China. Thefirm also provides custom studies on smaller or private Chinese companies, aswell as those who want industry- or sector-wide intelligence.

The firm’s clients include hedge funds, private equityfunds, and companies with a commitment to the consumer market in China.

Known as TH Capital before announcing its formal shift instrategy today, TH Data Capital was founded by former leading Wall Streetanalyst Tian X. Hou. Before starting the firm, Tian was a senior analyst atSanford C. Bernstein, C.E. Unterberg Towbin, and Pali Capital. She has morethan 15 years of experience covering the Chinese market.

Some of TH Data Capital’s innovative research methodsinclude GPS insights, data-scrubbing technology, and predictive analytics. Thefirm collects billions of publicly available data bits in real-time and thenprocesses them in proprietary financial models that allow TH Data Capital toaccurately predict company performance in China weeks before quarterly earningsare issued.

TH Data Capital recently formed a joint venture entity withe-commerce company JD.com, China’s largest B2C online retailer by transactionvolume and revenue. The partnership combines JD.com’s ownership of massivevolumes of consumer purchasing data with TH Data Capital’s data and analyticsmodels to yield indices for 12 major retail verticals and 68 different subverticals. The indices track trends in China consumer spending changes monthlyand have proven value for hedge funds, private equity, and corporations.

Today, TH Data Capital has more than a dozen full-time teammembers. More information on the firm and its predictive successes is availableat www.thdatacapital.com.

About TH Data Capital

With offices in New York and Beijing, TH Data Capital is thefirst, and only, company that offers big data analytics expertise coupled withan analyst-driven approach to predict business performance in China. The firmpredicts Chinese business results using big data, producing ahead-of-timereports that help clients assess Chinese business performance. The firm’sbusiness intelligence is so powerful it almost can be considered its own assetclass: Data Capital.




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